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Listener Erick sent us this TV Guide from exactly 14 years ago and we talk about TV Guides 50 worst TV shows of all time. Plus Pilot Watching with Fargo 1997 and find out why Ted Bessell is a jerk! 

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We go over e-mails and start season 2 of PILOT WATCHIN with Darkman and Sledge Hammer! We also try something completely different and do an AUDIO COMMENTARY for last weeks Final Deletion match that's been blowing up the internet. 

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We go back in time to 1986 and the CLASSIC KISSING CONTEST GANG IS HERE! Mike Doan and Mark are BACK TOGETHER FOR ONE TIME ONLY! We go over an a July 86 issue of TV Guide possibly too much and also talk movies premiering in theaters in July 1986!

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We have e-mails and PILOT WATCHIN Season 1 finale with Adventures in Babysitting and Welcome to Eltingville, plus the July movie preview and snaxchat with Pop Tarts and Oreos! Also Mike has Ammonia and Doan is an Encyclopedia!

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E-mails, The Producer's FIRST HAND account of Cleveland during Game 7 of the NBA Finals, THE RETURN OF MOVIE HOSTAGE featuring Frances HA and Zatoichi Meets The One Armed Swordsman, PILOT WATCHIN with Wonder Woman and a ramshackle Snaxchat!

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WE DO ALL THE SEGMENTS!! E-mails! News! Top 30 TV Guide shows of all time! The Pringles Hour! Snaxchat featuring a HEAD TO HEAD New vs. Old Shapes showdown thanks to Craig from Australia! Pilot Watchin with POOCHINSKI and Shangri La PLUS an extra special old segment re-uninted for ONE TIME ONLY! 

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We have a quick one for you as we go over the first 30 of TV GUIDES 60 ALL TIME BANG COUNT IT TV SHOWS and the pilot to Dawsons Creek! 

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WARNING: THIS EPISODE HAS SOME AUDIO PROBLEMS. WERE SORRY Its 1986 in Kissing Contest land as we talk the top TV shows of 86 and movies released in June of 86, Also Pilot Watchin with Clerks and IT Crown (US)

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Hey Hey Hey we have PILOT WATCHIN with MacGuyver, a lonely e-mail, the June movie preview aaaaand a Chinatown snaxchat!

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E-mails, News, History Chat, Things on the internet WE HATE, pilot watchin with Electra Woman & Dyna Girl, Power Pack and The Munsters aaaaaannnd Snaxchat thanks to listener Mark! 

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