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Oh hey, we got some movies news and then our feature segment is Saw related because everyone loves Saw. Movie Hostage features Mystic River starring a lot of ACTING and Ghoulies II starring asshole puppets. Leave that itunes review and get a free DVD. Email us at and check out and PEACE

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Producer Frank is somewhere being cordial, A December movie preview, Back to the Future II The Book, Movie Hostage with Casino Royale starring the Sony Erricson cell phone and Inside starring French people. Who is the coolest guy your grandpa hangs out with? All this and more! and go to for sweet free music.

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Big ups to Honcho, Producer Frank and PSY/Opsogist for all the show music, Movie News, A look at Saw 3D, and Movie Hostage with Bullit starring Steve Mcqueen and Phantasm starring ghouls.

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Brought to you by Honcho, A whole bunch of movie news, a quick look back at this summer's movie trash, Movie Hostage featuring Being There and Best of the Best. email us at NEW THEME MUSIC by PSY/OPSogist. Download his stuff at

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Shout out to Four Loko. A very dramatic movie news reading. Mike goes to the NYC Comic Con and Anime Festival and sees I spit On Your Grave in a theater alone and is red flagged as a creep for life because of it. Another controversial top 5 list. Our new Segment MOVIE HOSTAGE, formerly known as the segment where we pick a movie for each other to watch. email us at or visit

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Now sponsored by Honcho Magazine. A Dan Rather Exclusive. Movie News, Sharktopus, New York Ripper, a new segment that turns out to be fairly to extremely offensive (sorry). Sleepaway Camp II or Raging Bull, which won the most Oscars?

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Movie news, intense discussions about Fast Break starring Gabe Kaplan and The Town, a smorgasbord of movie chatting with our friend Apple 70 Cal, Movie Vs. Movie, and an introduction to a new segment. e-mail us at and visit

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Movie news, Fall TV Preview, Movie vs. Movie

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Movie news, the movie title game, The rest of the Fall movie preview and we debate whether Lord of the Rings II is better than Saw II.

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Which movie are you least likely to bring a date to, the imdb movie title keyword game, fall movie preview

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