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New, emails, TWO ROUNDS of SNAXCHAT and the movies we would include in our own personal Criterion collection.

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This episode is sponsored by Gene Siskels Balding Head and Saint Arnolds brewery. We got pretty drunk and records a 2 hour episode about e-mails, movie news, our favorite movie marketing campaigns and yet another legendary snaxchat!

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KISSSSSSSINNNGG KOOOOONTESSSSSSTTTT!!! E-mails, MOVIE NEWS, The Good, Bad and Weird of movie product placement. Also an A NUMBER ONE entry of SNAXCHAT.

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We are BACK with MOVIE NEWS, some e-mails, our favorite music themed movies, a probably not recurring segment called WHAT WE WATCHED LAST WEEK and a special snaxchat featuring a CAN OF BEANS. woooooo

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it's our big 200th episode celebration where we do basically the same stuff we always do except with a few more e-mails! There's some news, some e-mails, some September movie previews and a DOUBLE SNAXCHAT thanks to new hall of famer Pears and leftover candy we had from last time. This is over 2 hours of the greatest podcast on earth. KEEP ON TRUCKIN EVERYONE

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News and Emails and our thoughts on the new short film that Mike helped Kickstart, DARK DUNGEONS based off a Chick Tract. Plust SNAXCHAT with some VRARE CANDY BARS

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This is the end of Off Peak season which is why this episode is so short. NEW THEME SONG, TMNT, more Guardians of the Galaxy, Robin Williams, E-mails, Shameful movie revisions and SNAXCHAT with goo goo clusters. ENJOY.

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We are joined by KEVIN from JUNK FOOD DINNER and talk about a lot of stuff including e-mails, kid rocks glass toy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Kevins 24 hour video playlisy, PILOT WATCHIN' with Constantine and Dead Boss and Snaxchat featuring (most of) this years DO Us a Flavor Lay's chips winners, Girl Scout Crunch bars and  Pure Sodaworks brand Soda!

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A somewhat lengthy episode as we introduce our new co-host and go over the 137 movies coming out in the month of August, along with Pilot Watchin' featuring EMPIRE and BLACKISH. Tune in to find out who our new host is and stick around for the horrifying poop story! 

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SAWYERS LAST EPISODE UNTIL NOVEMBER. Super packed with movie news, snaxchat, pilot watchin with GOTHAM and SELFIE and of course your favorite Sawyer memories. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why this podcast is 2 hours long!

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