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Brought to you by Honcho, A whole bunch of movie news, a quick look back at this summer's movie trash, Movie Hostage featuring Being There and Best of the Best. email us at NEW THEME MUSIC by PSY/OPSogist. Download his stuff at

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Shout out to Four Loko. A very dramatic movie news reading. Mike goes to the NYC Comic Con and Anime Festival and sees I spit On Your Grave in a theater alone and is red flagged as a creep for life because of it. Another controversial top 5 list. Our new Segment MOVIE HOSTAGE, formerly known as the segment where we pick a movie for each other to watch. email us at or visit

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Now sponsored by Honcho Magazine. A Dan Rather Exclusive. Movie News, Sharktopus, New York Ripper, a new segment that turns out to be fairly to extremely offensive (sorry). Sleepaway Camp II or Raging Bull, which won the most Oscars?

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Movie news, intense discussions about Fast Break starring Gabe Kaplan and The Town, a smorgasbord of movie chatting with our friend Apple 70 Cal, Movie Vs. Movie, and an introduction to a new segment. e-mail us at and visit

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