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Sawyer is back and everyone is so happy I guess. Sawyer shars some special Hollywood Insider stories with us, then we have regular old common people movie news. In order to celebrate the day SKynet became self-aware AND 4:20 we doThe most misguided convoluted main segment ever. Top 5 movies about technology ruining humanity to watch while you're high. Then we set up some Movie Hostage for next week. Leave us some itunes reviews that way we know you love us email

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One more episode with Karate Steve and Dogbite Doan filling in for Sawyer. It will be hard going on without them. Movie news and the big May movie preview. email us at

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Steve and Doan are filling in for Sawyer again. Find out which Will and Grace cast member Producer Frank finds 'Scintillating'. Movie News. WRESTLEMANIA News. Recasting our favorite rap actors into new roles. Four way Movie Hostage featuring Punisher War Zone, Underworld, Scott Pilgrim and Kissing a Fool. email us at outro song: "Where We're From (51860)" by Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & Benn Grim courtesy of Pig Food Records

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Mike and Producer Frank are joined by guest hosts Steve and Doan while Sawyers away on Hollywood Insider business. Movie news. We go over some movies we hate that most other people generally like and then play a game of SUPER EXXXTREME 4 WAY MOVIE HOSTAGE. email:

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We bid farewell to sawyer for a couple episodes as he has to maintain his Hollywood Insider status in LA. Movie News. The influence of Netflix on the youths and how its going to turn them into stupid idots. We also review I SAW THE DEVIL only about 3 weeks after we were supposed to. enjoy us. email

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