Kissing Contest

New, emails, TWO ROUNDS of SNAXCHAT and the movies we would include in our own personal Criterion collection.

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This episode is sponsored by Gene Siskels Balding Head and Saint Arnolds brewery. We got pretty drunk and records a 2 hour episode about e-mails, movie news, our favorite movie marketing campaigns and yet another legendary snaxchat!

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KISSSSSSSINNNGG KOOOOONTESSSSSSTTTT!!! E-mails, MOVIE NEWS, The Good, Bad and Weird of movie product placement. Also an A NUMBER ONE entry of SNAXCHAT.

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We are BACK with MOVIE NEWS, some e-mails, our favorite music themed movies, a probably not recurring segment called WHAT WE WATCHED LAST WEEK and a special snaxchat featuring a CAN OF BEANS. woooooo

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