Kissing Contest

This was the episode that was supposed to come out a couple weeks ago. December movie preview and movie hostage featuring The Bleeding House and Dracula 3000

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Our 2nd annual Kevin Costner Thanksgiving episode with guest Trevor telling us all about the movie The Postman. We also have a new segment called snaxchat where we talk about KFCs new Dippems and some Phillipino snax by way of Chicago! Oh, and don't worry episode 112 isn't lost forever, it will be up next week!

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WE ARE ALL HERE TOGETHER. There was some technical difficulties for the first 20 minutes of the show so please don't flip your bitch switch over it. We do movie news, hurricane talk, have a brief segment about our favorite tv and movie presidents and of course snaxchat. We are still working on getting our chemistry back so please be understanding! 

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