Kissing Contest

We have some movie news and wrestle chat and an April movie preview and Movie Hostage 2000 featuring THe Loved Ones and King of Devils Island!

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Movie News / Wrestlechat, we resurrect the Where Are They Now segment which will further be known as Brrr, What Happened To Dat Boy? and the first ever installment of MIKE AND DOAN AT THE MOVIES featuring STOKER.

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Special Guest Mark Freado aka THE SPECTACLE THEATER DUMPER of Junk Food Dinner joins us as we go over Movie News, Wrestlechat, our biggest childhood movie dissapointments and snaxchat featuring the Taco Bell Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco

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Another SUPER FAT episode with Movie News, our all time favorite reality TV shows, a special snaxchat beer edition featuring Rock Art Brewert Vermont Maple Wheat Ale and the first Movie Hostage 2000 with Burning Paradise in Hell and Band of Outsiders. Also lots of abrupt coughing and the continuing saga of The Spectacle Theater Dumper!!

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A SUPER THICK episode of Kissing Contest with all of your favorites. Movie news. Wrestlechat. March movie preview. Snaxchat featuring Lays 3 new flavors from the Lays contest and Movie Hostage featuring The Long Goodbye and Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell. STRAP IT ON EVERYBODY

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