Kissing Contest

The October Movie Preview plus our opinions on Buzzfeed, Zzzquil, Section 8, GTAV, Sandwiches, Nougat, Horse_ebooks, pouring illusions and much much more!

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We are joined by guest ZEB and we talk movie news, bar life, Bar Rescue, Zebs very mature 24 hour video playlist, Doans trip to Chicago and a new segment we are thinking about calling Snaxchat

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We're joined by Jonah Bayer from Going Off Track podcast and the band United Nations as we go over his 24 hour video playlist and spend the rest of the time sort of talking about music with a heavy emphasis on 90s Hardcore.

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Mark from Spectacle Theater joins us as we talk FIST CHURCH, Movie News, our favorite childhood martial arts movies and the new Pumpkin SPice and Candy Corn M&Ms

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