Kissing Contest

Our 1st Annual REALITY TV MADNESS episode.  64 of the worst, most depressing reality TV shows pitted against each other in a single elimination tournament to decide which Reality TV show is currently ruining our lives the most. Make sure you go to to grab the bracket so you can follow along at home.

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Our friend Frog Collecter Greg joins us to talk about some movie news and his favorite and least favorite movies. Movie Hostage featuring Machine Girl and Murd3r by Numb3rs. Make sure to look for the REALITY TV MADNESS bracket sheet for next week's special MADNESS episode on our website and send your picks to us to get a free DVD, Blu Ray, Box Set, Record or something else

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Boston area Comedians Matt Kona and Ted Petingell join us for our April movie preview. Sawyer also went to a fancy screening of Hobo With A Shotgun so we chat about that. Also Movie news and a round of Movie Hostage featuring On The Waterfront and BOHACHI. email us at

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Kissing Contest Number 27

Post-Academy Awards discussion with serious professionals. Movie news beore that though. Oh, and a Movie Hostage featuring yuckfest Just Friends yuuuuuuckfest and Martyrs. email us at

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