Kissing Contest

We are live in the WAR ROOM as we tabulate the votes to decide America's Next Top Kissing Contest Host! Also e-mails, the final wrestlechat before WRESTLEMANIA, April Movie preview and Snaxchat brought to us by Joe Hawk. NOTE: THere were some technical difficulties in FizzNet studio so if there's any weird long pauses that we missed in the editing process, DEAL WITH IT (sunglasses float onto our faces)!

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The Producer wins the ultimate Contest. Movies News. Reviews of Wrestling isn't Wrestling and Russell Madness and of course, Snaxchat. 

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Movie News, Bad movies that we recommend and a light snaxchat

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TV Talk, an e-mail, there's a dog here, Wrestle Chat, Movie News, Action Burger News, Oscar winning films we actually love and Snaxchat

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