Kissing Contest

Movie News, a super mega review of 1978's DEER HUNTER and Movie Hostage 2000 featuring Conan (2011) and EVIL.

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Movie News, We make a Time Capsule for Teens as we pick our favorite movies from our birth years then Movie Hostage 2000 with Going Berserk and Beyond the Black Rainbow.

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Movie News, our favorite summer themed films and Movie Hostage with RSO: Registered Sex Offender and Young Adult. Also Mike comes out of the closet about his Hollywood past and Sawyer commits a hate crime and calls Doan a racial slur live on air. 

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Due to New York's current jungle climates and unexpected guests Producer Frank AKA Funkmaster Frank and Steve AKA Karate Steve, this show gets derailed awful quick but outside of that we did some movie news, a segment where we talked about what movie memorbilia we'd like to own and Movie Hostage featuring Splinter and The Man Who Would Be King.

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