Kissing Contest

ITS TIME TO CELEBRATE COSTGIVING. We talk about the soon to be Costner classic THE NEW DAUGHTER, along with the November movie preview, Snaxchat thanks to Aaron, presidential impersonation contest and Friday Night Lights Fan Fiction. God is great. 

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We got that October Movie Preview, We got that snaxchat, We got a movie review segment featuring SHELBY COBRAS and DEREK FROM CHECK THE TAPE, We got That Friday Night Lights fan fiction. We got that Harry Hole.

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It's once again time for the September movie preview. ALso, is a hot dog a sandwich? Snaxchat with lays do us a flavor 2017 and shearers sausage and peppers chips plus Sawyers friday night lights fan fic! 

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Our main man and super duper hall of famer ALEX has hooked us up with about 50 snax from china so this is a FAMILY SIZED snaxchat PLUS we kick off Music Hostage featuring Quicksand, Comus, White Noise, Turnstile, Life of Agony and Flotation Walls. Oh and we talk about that Guardian movie for like 3 minutes.

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WE ARE FINALLY BACK and we have a super packed show. We read a bunch of emails, talk about stuff we've been watching on Youtube, showcase some of the most notable theaters in NYC, actually sort of review movies and TV shows for the first time in years including THE BYE BYE MAN, THE VOID and INSIDE No. 9 then we set up our newest segment, MUSIC HOSTAGE.

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Its the reunion at least 12 of you have been waiting for! In lieu of Kissing Contest this week, we bring you a brand new episode of BUNCOCKY, Mikes old podcast. If youre looking for a new KC, sorry! No hard feelings if you skip this one. Mike and Jay catch up with each other and talk about things people arent supposed to talk about as usual. 

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We survived the Taco Challenge and now we must continue this odyssey known as Kissing Contest. We revisit movies released in March 2007 and see if they hold up. University of Tube featuring President Christopher and Robert Dyer and FINALLY ITS BACK SNAXCHAT with snax thanks to listeners Tristan and Rachel and possibly the first time we try Russian snax. Lets pretend it's the first time even if its not. 

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ITS HERE the MONUMENTAL episode 311 featuring Scot THE BORDER BOSS himself. We review the movie PIN, talk about the grossest eating scenes in film and University of Tube featuring Tonys Food Reviews and President Christopher OH I FORGOT TO MENTION WE DO ALL OF THIS WHILE TRYING TO SCARF DOWN 20 TACO BELL TACOS EACH. well mark opts for 10 double decker tacos because hes nuts. 

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SO much to go over including 500000 emails, a new segment proposition, THE BOY mini movie review, Dragon Agaisnt Vampire, Our embarassing High School Music choices, and University of Tube featuring Jordan Long Youtube Channel and Tony Food Reviews 

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No more C minuses this is A plus all day. Abridged February movie preview and another round of University of Tube and that's all you really need because it's so god damn good. 

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We pull it together once again with new returning segment University of Tube, MOVIE WATCHIN V 3.0 With The Chinatown Connection and we choose our Ultimate movie franchises. Plus some other junk. 

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New Year New Kissing Contest. We are still working out the kinks of our new direction so please bare with us. We introduce a new segment plus our most disappointing reboots and snxachat featuring indonesian mushrooms thanks to listener Jenn

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