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The return of Movie News, A Kissing Contest Spotlight on the films of Nicolas Cage and Movie Hostage featuring Multiplicity and Chain Letter. Quite possibly the stupidest lineup of movie hostage movies ever. Also we deeply apologize for confusing En Vogue with Salt N Pepa. Strange things happen when you're messing around with Champale and novelty vodka. email

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It's our big 50th episode celebration! We crate a Kissing Contest time capsule so future idiots can remember our culture and existence. This episode was taped in front of a live studio audience. Closed captioning is available for the hearing imparied. También se transmite en español. Email us:

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Guest Host and Comedian Ben Kronberg is filling in for Sawyer this week. Mike and Doan are put in a very unique situation of meeting their guest host for the first time ten minutes before we started recording, so we spend the first half getting to know Ben through the power of interview. Then we all go over the movies arriving in theaters in November. Hit is up at and check out all of Bens stuff!

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Movie news, Producer Doans infinite 24 hour playlist, Clint Howard chat, which Kissing Contest host is a Little Jimmy?, Movie Hostage with True Grit (2010) and forgotten Shaw Bros. gem Black Tavern. HIT US UP

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