Kissing Contest

WE BACK AT IT!!! Movie News, a main segment where he pit some of the hardest action movie characters agaisnt each other in a battle to the fake death, a brief snaxchat featuring Parker's snax from California, one of which being hands down the worst thing we've ever eaten on snaxchat, and then we pick our movies for next weeks Movie Hostage.

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Mike, Sawyer and Zachariah get together to talk about movies in theaters in August, This is probably Zachariah's last show for a while because he's moving, we don't know where Doan is, life is pain, things fall apart. Oh yeah Bloodsport 4 and Loves Kitchen Movie Hostage too. ANOTHER BUMMER NOTE: We will all be on a cross country snaxchat adventure next week so we're not sure what, if anything, will be getting posted next week, but we're trying very hard to work something out. Peace for now, hopefully not forever.

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Kissing Contest has the week off so in place of it, we have a brand new episode of BUNCOCKY. This was Mike's other podcast before Kissing Contest. Mike and his friend Jay catch up on what's been going on over the past year.

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