Kissing Contest

Movie News and our favorite movie athletes of the 1990s. Also, what movie will Sawyer force Mike to watch for Movie Hostage?

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Mke, Doan and Zachariah bring you some movie news and a preview of movies hitting theaters in May. We also debut a new segment called Mike And Doan Eat Sh*t aka SnaxChat

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Mike and Sawyer are alllll alone. There's a whole bunch of news, some reviews of movies currently in theaters including American Reunion, 21 Jump Street. Hunger Games and The Raid: Redemption. We also introduce a new game where we bet on the box office weekend totals of some opening movies with a precious Movie Hostage pick at stake.

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Here it is, our 2nd annual REALITY TV MADNESS tournament where we pit 64 reality shows against each other to decide which show i smaking America the saddest! Mike and Producer Doan are joined by very special guests ZACHARIAH and JAY formerly of Buncocky Podcast. We also get some special tie breaking help from frequent studio audience member Danial. This is a long one (honk honk) so get comfortable, and if you aren't up to speed, here is the Reality Madness bracket so you can follow along at home:

Also Zachariah is part of a very awesome organization called Story Pirates. THey're looking for donationd to continue doing their thing. Read up here about all the good they do for the kids and go here to make donations to Zachariah which wil get you cool one of a kind prizes


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