Kissing Contest

Mike and Doan all alone. Movie news and an extended snaxchat. enjoy

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THis week we talk about someone movies we'd actualy LIKE to be remade, along with movie news, snaxchat featuring snax sent all the way from Arizona by Hall of Famer Aaron and a round of Movie Hostage with BLOOD CREEK and BLOOD

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We have a full house as we are joined by frequent guest host Zachariah to go over the July Movie Preview and then we have an installment of Snaxchat (WITH NEW THEME MUSIC by THe PSY/OPSogist) with some mysterious snacks form Austin TX.

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We bring back an old favorite as we go over some questionable movies currently in production. Also movie news and Snaxchat featuring a snax box sent in by our first hall of famer, Scot, and a round of Movie Hostage featuring The Pack and The Crow: Wicked Prayer

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The usual movie news and then Mike watched all 5 Death Wishes in a row and talks about them. ALso SNAXCHAT on the road featuring a spotlight on Herrs brand chips and Movie Hostage with Big Money Rustlas and Alligator X and a bonuse movies No Strings Attached.

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