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M m m movie news, we look what the average Youtube commenter has to say about this years summer blockbusters, Movie Hostage featuring Shutter Island and FLash Gordon aka Flash Garden. email us at and tell your cool friends to listen to our cool podcast.

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 We have a new recording schedule so now our award winning Movie News segment is even more up to date, or at least as up to date as a recorded podcast can be. We also go over some new reality TV show ideas and then Movie Hostage featuring movies by authors whose books are most likely to be purchased in a supermarket. Stephen King's 1408 and Michael Crichton's Rising Sun. email us at

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We attend a Hollywood Insider movie premier for SYmpathy For Delicious. June movies preview and Movie Hostage featuering One Hour Photo and Hardcore. leave an itunes review pleeeez email

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Movie news, a spirited discussion about To Catch a Predator and self esteem and Movie Hostage featuring Good Will Hunting and Leprechaun 5: In The Hood including Sawyers conspiracy theories regarding the Leprechauns legs. leave an itunes review for free prizes. email message board us at

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