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Despite being episode 69 this episode contains very little 69 jokes. Producer Doan is off on vacation so Mike and Sawyer make their way through some movie news and then talk about all of the most important entertainment news stories of the year according to CBS News. There's also Movie Hostage featuring THe Limey and AN American Werewolf In London. Email us at

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Ho Ho hoooooo we discuss our favorite Christmas movies, along with Movie News and Movie Hostage featuring Insomnia and Film Geek. enter our movie pitch contest! email

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This week we bring you Movie News, we talk about our big midnight movie screening and also talk about some movies we watched over the past couple of weeks due to lack of anything better to talk about and then we set up next weeks Movie Hostage. PLEASE ENTER OUR MOVIE PITCH CONTEST TO WIN FABULOUS PRIZES!!! emails us at

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Mike and Doan are joined by Zachariah and Sawyer is no where to be found. We go over our January movie preview and that's about it! please remember to enter our movie pitch contest. The clock is ticking! email

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In this episode we talk about all the crappy and not so crappy movies we saw over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We also have some movie news and a Movie Hostage with The Prestige and Planet of the Apes (1968). PLEASE ENTER OUR MOVIE PITCH CONTEST AND WIN FABULOUS PRIZES OR ELSE WE WILL GET REALLY SAD SO PLEASE ENTER TODAY email us at

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Our special Thanksgiving episode with special guest ZACH AKA SNACK (not to be confused with frequent guest Zachariah). We are confused about Dances With Wolves and Mike straight up thinks it's a movie about Thanksgiving so we had Zach come on and explain Dances With Wolves to us. Also some Movie News and Movie Hostage with Cool Hand Luke and 13 Assassins. ENTER OUR MOVIE PITCH CONTEST TIME IS RUNNING OUT

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This week on Kissing Contest we roll through some movie news, badger you about entering our awesome KISSING CONTEST CONTEST, and welcome special guest and Ghoul PhD Josh.  Josh and our resident Ghoul Mike have a frank and introspective discussion about what led them down the path to Ghoul Life, and why they feel they may not really be complete soulless monsters after all.  The notion that maybe they're not Ghouls at all and Sawyer is just a big fat babby is also raised.  Finally we round out the episode with this weeks movie hostage battle featuring: RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES vs. I LIKE KILLING FLIES.

As mentioned on the show, Josh is all over the internets, make sure to check out all his stuff:

LitReactor, where he's the Senior Editor -

Twitch Film, where he's a frequent contributor -

The JamminJabber, where he runs the thing -

Don't write us to pitch your movie for the KISSING CONTEST CONTEST or you know what, fuck it, just tell us some stuff about some stuff:

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We welcome back guest Zachariah and do our December movie preview as well as Movie Hostage with Eastern Promises and Beyond the Mat. ENTER THE MOVIE PITCH CONTEST AND WIN SOME PRZES! email us

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Hey Sawyers back and we really care about that! Movie News, Movies we think are underrated or don't get enough credit and we pick our movies for Next Weeks Movie Hostage. REMEMBER TO ENTER OUR MOVIE PITCH CONTEST AND WIN FABULOUS PRIZES email us at

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Hey friends, unfortunately the first half of this episode got deleted into cyberspace so you get the thrilling second half of the MIKE AND DOAN show featuring ZACHARIAH. Sawyers gone so Mike gives his review of The Human Centipede 2 and we go over some spooky Netflix movie recommendations. There was other stuff too! Oh well! PLEASE REMEMBER TO ENTER OUR MOVIE PITCH CONTEST email

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In this episode we announce our first KISSING CONTEST CONTEST where YOU can win a whole bunch of cool stuff! ALso Movie News, our experiences at this years NY Comic Con and Movie HOstage with Hubert Selby Jr.: It'll Be Better Tomorrow and Starship Troopers. email us

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This is our spsecial 3 weeks before Hallowen episode so we discuss things in movies that scare us and touch on our fears. Theres some Movie News too and a Movie Hostage with Dog Day Afternoon and Timecrimes email us at

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We welcome back past and now recurring guest Zachariah to go over the really boring November movie line up and a round of Movie Hostage Featuring Hanna and God of Cookery. Email

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Heeeeeey we have some movie news for sissies and then a new segment called cinema for cituations aka movies for moods. Theres a round of Movie Hostage with Limitless and Dream Home and some talk about chicken scoops. email us at

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An extra way late extra THICK episode. Movie news, our 2nd edition of Movies In Production Soon Quarterly Fun Time and a Movie Hostage with Network and Basketcase. Also the introduction of our spinoff podcast, SmellTalk. email us

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We got that movie news, we got some nerd talk about movie soundtracks and we got some movie hostage with Adventureland and The Baby. KILL YO SELF

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We have an extra lengthy episode (that's what she said) as we welcome special guest Zachariah to talk about the movies premiering in theaters in the month of October. THere's also a super aggro round of Movie Hostage with THIS IS ENGLAND and CRITTERS, and will the Joke Horn be replaced by the Joke Goose and has long time sponsor Honcho Magazine been usurped by a new younger magazine? Listen and find out! email us!!

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Producer Doan is Missing In Action and Mike survived a hirrucane to get to the studio. This episode marks the introduction of the JOKE HORN. A whole lot of Moview News then Movie Hostage featuring The Girl Next Door and THE PIT. Email us

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The return of Movie News, A Kissing Contest Spotlight on the films of Nicolas Cage and Movie Hostage featuring Multiplicity and Chain Letter. Quite possibly the stupidest lineup of movie hostage movies ever. Also we deeply apologize for confusing En Vogue with Salt N Pepa. Strange things happen when you're messing around with Champale and novelty vodka. email

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It's our big 50th episode celebration! We crate a Kissing Contest time capsule so future idiots can remember our culture and existence. This episode was taped in front of a live studio audience. Closed captioning is available for the hearing imparied. También se transmite en español. Email us:

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Guest Host and Comedian Ben Kronberg is filling in for Sawyer this week. Mike and Doan are put in a very unique situation of meeting their guest host for the first time ten minutes before we started recording, so we spend the first half getting to know Ben through the power of interview. Then we all go over the movies arriving in theaters in November. Hit is up at and check out all of Bens stuff!

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Movie news, Producer Doans infinite 24 hour playlist, Clint Howard chat, which Kissing Contest host is a Little Jimmy?, Movie Hostage with True Grit (2010) and forgotten Shaw Bros. gem Black Tavern. HIT US UP

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We are back again for the 47th time to bring you some movie news and talk about Sawyers 24 hour video dream lineup. Theres some Movie Hostage with Harold and Maude and Pump Up the Volume too! email us at

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A SUPER SPECIAL Extra Large episode as we introduce our new producer. Is it a he? Is it a she? Is it a popular rapper from the late 90s? You'll have to listen and find out! We go over the usual recommendations and movie news and begin part 1 of our special 3 part "video playlist" series. If that's not enough for you, we have a round of Movie Hostage with CHinatown and Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Both American clasics of course. THere's so much junk packed into this episode you might puke! email us at

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Today we bid farewell to Producer Frank and check out movies due in theaters for the month of August. Movie Hostage features THE CHAMBER and then a very lengthy discussion about controversial documentary S&Man. Send Producer Frank farewells to

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Mike and Sawyer are back and Producer Frank is here for his second to last episode before he graduates podcasting college and moves on to better things. This will probably go on record as the episode of a movie themed podcast with the least amount of talk about movies. We go on and on and on about our little vacation like an old boring couple entertaining a dinner party, but then there's Movie Hostage featuring S.F.W. and HOUSE (Hausu). Producer Frank drank a whole bunch of wine before we recorded and he gets really surly with Sawyer during the last segment. ITS MUST HEAR PODCASTING. email us at PLEASE check out our friends mentioned in this episode.

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Mike and Sawyer are on vacation so Producer Frank took over the show and invited frequent guest Karate Steve and newcomer Zach onto the show. They talk some movie news and go over Zachs top 5 VHS tapes. Email us at

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We introduce two new segments with not so great names at the moment. The first will be a weekly recurring segment where we recommend stuff for you to check out and the second is a quarterly look at the future of movies. We also have news and Movie Hostage featuring SALT and PUPPET MASTER. This is our last show before we hit the road so try and listen to this one at a slow pace since we aren't quite sure when episode 43 will happen. email us at

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This week we go over all the mostly terrible network TV shows coming out this Fall and Movie Hostage featuring Cop Land and Altered States. get in touch

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Movie previews for the month of July / Movie Hostage featuring Gosford Park and Master of the Flying Guillotine. email us a love letter at

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M m m movie news, we look what the average Youtube commenter has to say about this years summer blockbusters, Movie Hostage featuring Shutter Island and FLash Gordon aka Flash Garden. email us at and tell your cool friends to listen to our cool podcast.

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 We have a new recording schedule so now our award winning Movie News segment is even more up to date, or at least as up to date as a recorded podcast can be. We also go over some new reality TV show ideas and then Movie Hostage featuring movies by authors whose books are most likely to be purchased in a supermarket. Stephen King's 1408 and Michael Crichton's Rising Sun. email us at

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We attend a Hollywood Insider movie premier for SYmpathy For Delicious. June movies preview and Movie Hostage featuering One Hour Photo and Hardcore. leave an itunes review pleeeez email

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Movie news, a spirited discussion about To Catch a Predator and self esteem and Movie Hostage featuring Good Will Hunting and Leprechaun 5: In The Hood including Sawyers conspiracy theories regarding the Leprechauns legs. leave an itunes review for free prizes. email message board us at

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Sawyer is back and everyone is so happy I guess. Sawyer shars some special Hollywood Insider stories with us, then we have regular old common people movie news. In order to celebrate the day SKynet became self-aware AND 4:20 we doThe most misguided convoluted main segment ever. Top 5 movies about technology ruining humanity to watch while you're high. Then we set up some Movie Hostage for next week. Leave us some itunes reviews that way we know you love us email

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One more episode with Karate Steve and Dogbite Doan filling in for Sawyer. It will be hard going on without them. Movie news and the big May movie preview. email us at

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Steve and Doan are filling in for Sawyer again. Find out which Will and Grace cast member Producer Frank finds 'Scintillating'. Movie News. WRESTLEMANIA News. Recasting our favorite rap actors into new roles. Four way Movie Hostage featuring Punisher War Zone, Underworld, Scott Pilgrim and Kissing a Fool. email us at outro song: "Where We're From (51860)" by Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & Benn Grim courtesy of Pig Food Records

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Mike and Producer Frank are joined by guest hosts Steve and Doan while Sawyers away on Hollywood Insider business. Movie news. We go over some movies we hate that most other people generally like and then play a game of SUPER EXXXTREME 4 WAY MOVIE HOSTAGE. email:

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We bid farewell to sawyer for a couple episodes as he has to maintain his Hollywood Insider status in LA. Movie News. The influence of Netflix on the youths and how its going to turn them into stupid idots. We also review I SAW THE DEVIL only about 3 weeks after we were supposed to. enjoy us. email

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Our 1st Annual REALITY TV MADNESS episode.  64 of the worst, most depressing reality TV shows pitted against each other in a single elimination tournament to decide which Reality TV show is currently ruining our lives the most. Make sure you go to to grab the bracket so you can follow along at home.

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Our friend Frog Collecter Greg joins us to talk about some movie news and his favorite and least favorite movies. Movie Hostage featuring Machine Girl and Murd3r by Numb3rs. Make sure to look for the REALITY TV MADNESS bracket sheet for next week's special MADNESS episode on our website and send your picks to us to get a free DVD, Blu Ray, Box Set, Record or something else

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Boston area Comedians Matt Kona and Ted Petingell join us for our April movie preview. Sawyer also went to a fancy screening of Hobo With A Shotgun so we chat about that. Also Movie news and a round of Movie Hostage featuring On The Waterfront and BOHACHI. email us at

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Kissing Contest Number 27

Post-Academy Awards discussion with serious professionals. Movie news beore that though. Oh, and a Movie Hostage featuring yuckfest Just Friends yuuuuuuckfest and Martyrs. email us at

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Karate Instructor Steve stops by and chats with us. Sawyers new embarassing life stories. Movie news. A special look at the upcoming film Bridesmaids and lady comedy in general. A mature discussion on beastiality. Movie Hostage featuring video game adaption D.O.A. and dog poo adaption Did You Hear About the Morgans. email us at Write an itunes review and recieved a free DVD/blu ray!

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25th anniversary episode of Kissing Contest, movie news and Robocop news. What IMDB message board posters have to say about this years Oscar movies. Movie hostage featuring a very serious and mature discussion about the Wild Wonderful Whites and Southland Tales. email us at leave us an itunes review and we'll send you a DVD!

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Mike, Sawyer and Producer Frank are all in the same room for the first timein over a month. Our feelings on Groundhog Day, movie news, the highest paid people in Hollywood, March movie previews and a special Remake vs Original edition of Movie Hostage with Charles Bronson's 1972 version of The Mechanic and Jason Statham's 2011 version of The Mechanic. email us at

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Sawyer is back and we have special guest! Scot, The King of The Internet joins us live in studio. A bit of movie news, Oscar predictions and our shameful TV and movie habits.




Twitters: @Buncocky (mike) @JimPubes (Sawyer) @KissingContest (Producer Frank)

Outro song: To Hell and Back "Cold Hungry Eyes"

Pick up their new record at

Oscar segment music by EVXN

check out our friends:



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One more episode with guest host Jay. This a short episode due to technical difficulties and the sound is a bit wacky, but we promise everything will be back to normal next week. Freestyle talk sessions about broadway musicals, wonder woman, choose your own adventure books, Degrassi and much more. email



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Super friend Jay from Buncocky is filling in for Sawyer while he's gone wheeling and dealing. Movie news featuring Jays guide to Disney TV and his rendition of Chet Haze's smash hit "White and Purple". The initial movie lineup for Don Johnson production including the Lou'Zers trilogy. other zany hijinks.

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Someone has the sniffles, the obligatory movie news, a Frebruary movie preview, Movie Hostage featuring picks chosen by SCOT: KING OF THE INTERNET Those movies being Sam Peckinpahs Convoy and Luc Bessons The Big Blue. Also, we say farewell to Sawyer, BUT FOR HOW LONG email: web: theme music guy: record label we are plutonic friends with:

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YEAR END SPECIAL! We ran into a lot of difficulties, some technical, some from holiday partying, but the extra long year end wrap up is finally here. Best and worst movies and moments of the year along with TV and box office wrap ups and what we're looking forward to in the future and how we'll individually approach the apocalypse. Get at us at or

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