Kissing Contest

An abbreviated movie news segment, 50 movies that make us think of 50 states, well we missed a few somehow so maybe like 48 movies, Movie Hostage featuring Red Heat and Act of Vengeance AKA Rape Squad. email us at and visit us on the world wide web Check out these other friends:

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Movie News, top 10 reality show monery earners and why they should drown, Sawyers visit to Broadway, Producer Frank makes his vocal debut with a theory on Home Alone and Saw. Movie Hostage featuring British Borstal movie SCUM and Political Space Epic DUNE. email us at follow us on twitter at and check out these other fine folks, and

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A semi tribute to Leslie Neilsen and Brother Dime, January's upcoming movies, what celebrity would be perfect as Krang's body in a TMNT remake? Sawyer's run in with a movie maniac and a round of Movie Hostage featuring throwback horror film House of The Devil and geriatric comedy It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World. Featured outro song is "Shock Value" by Dizzo. Go check him out at and make sure to subscribe to their podcast while you're at it. email us at and visit and intro as always by

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