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Despite being episode 69 this episode contains very little 69 jokes. Producer Doan is off on vacation so Mike and Sawyer make their way through some movie news and then talk about all of the most important entertainment news stories of the year according to CBS News. There's also Movie Hostage featuring THe Limey and AN American Werewolf In London. Email us at

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Ho Ho hoooooo we discuss our favorite Christmas movies, along with Movie News and Movie Hostage featuring Insomnia and Film Geek. enter our movie pitch contest! email

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This week we bring you Movie News, we talk about our big midnight movie screening and also talk about some movies we watched over the past couple of weeks due to lack of anything better to talk about and then we set up next weeks Movie Hostage. PLEASE ENTER OUR MOVIE PITCH CONTEST TO WIN FABULOUS PRIZES!!! emails us at

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Mike and Doan are joined by Zachariah and Sawyer is no where to be found. We go over our January movie preview and that's about it! please remember to enter our movie pitch contest. The clock is ticking! email

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In this episode we talk about all the crappy and not so crappy movies we saw over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We also have some movie news and a Movie Hostage with The Prestige and Planet of the Apes (1968). PLEASE ENTER OUR MOVIE PITCH CONTEST AND WIN FABULOUS PRIZES OR ELSE WE WILL GET REALLY SAD SO PLEASE ENTER TODAY email us at

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