Kissing Contest

A somewhat lengthy episode as we introduce our new co-host and go over the 137 movies coming out in the month of August, along with Pilot Watchin' featuring EMPIRE and BLACKISH. Tune in to find out who our new host is and stick around for the horrifying poop story! 

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SAWYERS LAST EPISODE UNTIL NOVEMBER. Super packed with movie news, snaxchat, pilot watchin with GOTHAM and SELFIE and of course your favorite Sawyer memories. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why this podcast is 2 hours long!

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BIG SHOW. Sawyer's leaving soon. Listener emails. Lebron chat. Movie News. Ghoul Summer kickoff with non ghoul movies we would like to see ghoul remakes of. a new segment caled PILOT WATCHIN featuring Fresh off the Boat and The Flash.

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Movie News, World Cup sports talk, remakes we would like to see made for spiteful reasons and an agonizing round of Movie Watchin with the Oldboy remake, oh and some 7-11 Doritos Loaded snaxchat!

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we read some listener emails for once and do some movie news, talk about our favorite transitional actors and bring MOVIE WATCHIN back and regret watching GI JOE: Retaliation then we talk about White Castle for some reason. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM

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