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One more episode with guest host Jay. This a short episode due to technical difficulties and the sound is a bit wacky, but we promise everything will be back to normal next week. Freestyle talk sessions about broadway musicals, wonder woman, choose your own adventure books, Degrassi and much more. email



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Super friend Jay from Buncocky is filling in for Sawyer while he's gone wheeling and dealing. Movie news featuring Jays guide to Disney TV and his rendition of Chet Haze's smash hit "White and Purple". The initial movie lineup for Don Johnson production including the Lou'Zers trilogy. other zany hijinks.

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Someone has the sniffles, the obligatory movie news, a Frebruary movie preview, Movie Hostage featuring picks chosen by SCOT: KING OF THE INTERNET Those movies being Sam Peckinpahs Convoy and Luc Bessons The Big Blue. Also, we say farewell to Sawyer, BUT FOR HOW LONG email: web: theme music guy: record label we are plutonic friends with:

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YEAR END SPECIAL! We ran into a lot of difficulties, some technical, some from holiday partying, but the extra long year end wrap up is finally here. Best and worst movies and moments of the year along with TV and box office wrap ups and what we're looking forward to in the future and how we'll individually approach the apocalypse. Get at us at or

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