Kissing Contest

Heeeeeey we have some movie news for sissies and then a new segment called cinema for cituations aka movies for moods. Theres a round of Movie Hostage with Limitless and Dream Home and some talk about chicken scoops. email us at

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An extra way late extra THICK episode. Movie news, our 2nd edition of Movies In Production Soon Quarterly Fun Time and a Movie Hostage with Network and Basketcase. Also the introduction of our spinoff podcast, SmellTalk. email us

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We got that movie news, we got some nerd talk about movie soundtracks and we got some movie hostage with Adventureland and The Baby. KILL YO SELF

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We have an extra lengthy episode (that's what she said) as we welcome special guest Zachariah to talk about the movies premiering in theaters in the month of October. THere's also a super aggro round of Movie Hostage with THIS IS ENGLAND and CRITTERS, and will the Joke Horn be replaced by the Joke Goose and has long time sponsor Honcho Magazine been usurped by a new younger magazine? Listen and find out! email us!!

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Producer Doan is Missing In Action and Mike survived a hirrucane to get to the studio. This episode marks the introduction of the JOKE HORN. A whole lot of Moview News then Movie Hostage featuring The Girl Next Door and THE PIT. Email us

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