Kissing Contest

Zachariah's here! We go over the June movie preview and part 2 of SNAX FROM KEVIN, also a lot of other chatting.

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We share our feelings on GODZILLA and also try out the new Doritos TEST FLAVORS but wait, there's even more SNAX! Kevin from Junk Food Dinner podcast sent us a whole bunch of snax from around the world including bugs! TUNE IN AND FIND OUT

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A whole bunch of Movie News plus the movies that defined the decade of the 2000s for us. ALSO Gene Siskels Balding Head provides us with a new batch of St. Arnold Divine Reserve and Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager!

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WARNING: This episode might break your brain.

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Sawyer abondons Mike and Doan and they are left to do the May movie preview alone.

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