Kissing Contest

We are joined by Ex Member of Junk Food Dinner Mark Freado as we go over the May Movie preview and Movie Hostage featuring Trust (1990) and To Live and Die in LA. Outro music: Halos Shining by PJ Katz from Ear Food Vol. 1 on Pig Food Records.

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Movie News, Our favorite SNL "non superstar" cast members and Movie Hostage featuring Losin' It and Supervisens. Also Producer Doan has a concussion or something so bare with us.

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WE HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA. An Exteneded wrestlechat about Wrestlemania 29, ROH and Wrestlecon with special guests Number 2 and King of the Punx Josh Welf. We also have some movie news and Movie Hostage featuring Dr. Alien and Riki-Oh The Story of Ricky.

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Movie News, our most memorable TOO HOT FOR TV moments and Movie Hostage 2000 with Deadbeat at Dawn. Also, Does Sawyer think being gay is a handicap? DOwnload to find out! Outro Song: "Master of None" by THe Nothing

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