Kissing Contest

E-mails, Special guest Gabri semi-host of Overnight Drive, THe September movie preview and Gabri brins snax form Little LA for SNAXCHAT. Plus Gabri's strong politics and what snack to Sawyer give up being vegan for??? Tune in to find out!! 

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E-mails, Movie News, the new DESTROY CLEVELAND documentary, our least favorite music documentaries and snaxchat thanks to listener Lois!

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The old gang is back. We have some e-mails, movie news, our favorite movies starring wrestlers and the 3rd annual Lays Do Us A Flavor Snaxchat guest starring Faygo. 

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Mike is joined by fellow Degrassi TNG experts Danial and Carrie to decide ONCE AND FOR ALL who is the GREATEST character in the history of Degrassi (or at least up 'til season 9)! 

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