Kissing Contest

Mike and Sawyer are on vacation so Producer Frank took over the show and invited frequent guest Karate Steve and newcomer Zach onto the show. They talk some movie news and go over Zachs top 5 VHS tapes. Email us at

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We introduce two new segments with not so great names at the moment. The first will be a weekly recurring segment where we recommend stuff for you to check out and the second is a quarterly look at the future of movies. We also have news and Movie Hostage featuring SALT and PUPPET MASTER. This is our last show before we hit the road so try and listen to this one at a slow pace since we aren't quite sure when episode 43 will happen. email us at

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This week we go over all the mostly terrible network TV shows coming out this Fall and Movie Hostage featuring Cop Land and Altered States. get in touch

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Movie previews for the month of July / Movie Hostage featuring Gosford Park and Master of the Flying Guillotine. email us a love letter at

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