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We exit 2015 with the (mostly) final installment of Buffy Chat, a bunch of news and e-mails and our Top 5 and worst 3 movies of the year!

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Hey we have some e-mails, more Buffy chat, the January movie preview, snaxchat and a cameo by Spongebob Tommy! Happy Holidays!

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We have an Xmas buyers guide for you, along with Buffy chat, Movie News and a special old timey Snaxchat! 

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Movie News, Mike lets the listeners and himself down and forgets to watch Buffy, Movie franchises we'd actually like to see and SNAXCHAT brought to us by Dave V. from Iron Pier Records! 

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HEY HEY we talk about CREED THE MOVIE NOT THE BAND a little, plus TV WATCHIN with Buffy Episode 8, The December Movie Preview and SNAXCHAT brought to us by John and Krsty from DIFFERENT KITCHEN PODCAST 

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Zach from Don Giovanni Records and Nuclear Santa Claust joins us for our 4th (but really 5th) ANNUAL COST-GIVING CELEBRATION where we review one of The father of Thanksgiving Kevin Costner's many, many films. This year we tackle ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES 

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A single e-mail, movie news, TV WATCHIN with Buffy episode 7, our favorite "one and done" movies and Snaxchat featuring holiday oreos! 

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TV WATCHIN' with Buffy, Sawyer's History Challenge, GAMEPROS where we talk about video games we'd like to see be turned into movies and Snaxchat thanks to listener Pat! 

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LIVE FROM NPR BOULEVARD!! Tonight we're joined by SHELBY COBRAS from ILLOGICAL CONTRAPTION and VASTUM. E-mails, TV WATCHIN' with Buffy, History Challenge, November movie preview and TWO rounds of snaxchat including a pretty gross one brought to us by Shelby! 

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We couldn't record a new episode this week so we bring to you a special episode that some of you may have heard and some of you may have not. This was our special HALL OF FAME episode we recorded a couple years ago but we figured it's been long enough, we'll release it to the rest of you! Enjoy maybe! 

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E-mails, Movie News, We talk a bit about the new direction of the Simpsons and of course TV WATCHIN' with Buffy which is getting more and more painful by the week. We have a lil Player Haters Club where we talk about things we wanted to see fail, then everyone's favorite SNAXCHAT thanks to Pat, Yung Creep Luke & Ryan! 

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FINALLY! It's been years in the making but we did it! On a gloomy Saturday afternoon the KC crew sat down and watched EVERY SAW FILM and spoke on them. This is our experience. UNFORTUNATELY, the ghost of Jigsaw wreaked havoc on the audio so this episode is presented in EAR SPLITTING SAWDIO. Basically, segment 1 sounds kinda crappy, segment 2 is alright not too bad, segment 3 is TERRIBLE, segment 4,5,6 are completely fine and segment 7 goes back to being terrible. Its not like unlistenable, just really uhhh spoopy and creppy, yeah. 

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Old school guest Ghoul Josh is back to tell us about his new book, Kanye West - Reanimator. We also have a bunch of news, an e-mail, History Chat, TV WATCHIN with Buffy Episode 3, Snaxchat featuring FALL FLAVORS and even some Driver's Ed. chat! STRAP IT ON STRAP IT IN! 

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Fan Duel presents TV WATCHIN with Buffy episode 2, the October movie preview and snaxchat!

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Movie News, The History Game, Big E recap and our first TV Watchin recap for Buffy episode 1

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A single E-mail, Movie News, a new segment about History that doesn't have a name yet, The Biggest Losers in TV Comedy History, Snaxchat and we announce the TV show for our OTHER new segment TV Watchin'. Outro song - 'Eat My Shit' by Benn Grim 

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Movie News, A Tim Burton retrospective and we go over our choices for our new TV TIME Segment. 

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We drink some special limited edition vodka you will never have in your life because you aren't famous award winning podcasters on a national cable network, then we do some news, we talk about our favorite fake bands from movies and TV then we have a SNAXCHAT for Listener Lois' crackers, but then we have the OFFICIAL GHOUL SUMMER CLOSING CEREMONIES SNAXCHAT and eat gross jelly beans Lois also sent. 


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E-mails, Special guest Gabri semi-host of Overnight Drive, THe September movie preview and Gabri brins snax form Little LA for SNAXCHAT. Plus Gabri's strong politics and what snack to Sawyer give up being vegan for??? Tune in to find out!! 

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E-mails, Movie News, the new DESTROY CLEVELAND documentary, our least favorite music documentaries and snaxchat thanks to listener Lois!

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The old gang is back. We have some e-mails, movie news, our favorite movies starring wrestlers and the 3rd annual Lays Do Us A Flavor Snaxchat guest starring Faygo. 

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Mike is joined by fellow Degrassi TNG experts Danial and Carrie to decide ONCE AND FOR ALL who is the GREATEST character in the history of Degrassi (or at least up 'til season 9)! 

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Audience Member Danial is upgraded to Guest Host Danial as we have a little gym class talk and the agusut movie preview. We also have somewhat of a snaxchat brought to us by Cory from Illogical Contraption as we begin to work our way through the bags of medicinal snax he sent us. 

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Scot King of the Internet is back! We bring back our new hit segment Gym Class Talk, also e-mails, Genre films we should love but we don't and snax from Israel brought ot us by Universal Yums, the company that sends you a box of snax from a different part of the world every month! Check them out at



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E-mails, Gym Class Talk, a lil bit of news, Comic-COn trailers and our favorite Summer themed movies! 

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We are broadcasting live from Fizz Network's 2nd Annual Summer Beach Blast in Times Square. E-mails, movie news, we review Terminator OT Genasis and our opinions may shock you but probably not if you've also seen it. Then we wrap it up B with part 2 of Doan's European Snax Adventure.  

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E-mails, July movie preview and part one of Doan's Snax Across Europe Tour! 

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This week we're joined by Young Creep Luke who is fulfilling his make-a-wish dream by being on an episode of Kissing Contest. We have movie news, Luke's 24 Hour Playlist, some snaxchat and a lot of uncomfortable situations. 

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A VERY RARE episode of KC where two actual real life FRIENDS host the show for the first time ever! We review the modern day classic TRACERS starring Taylor Lautner, get into more HBO movies and then talk about our favorite unintentionally and maybe a little intentionally racist films. Finally we introduce a new version of Snaxchat!! 

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REAL BROS SPORTS TALK, Movie News, HBO Movies we saw 1000 times as kids that YOU HAD TO BE THERE to understand and Snaxchat sponsored by Patel Bros. grocery. 

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Movie News, Kung Fury review and an open ended talk about things that prey on nostalgia and SNAXCHAT JAPAN (gong) thanks to Multi Hall of Famer Al!

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e-mails, Action Burger talk, June Movie preview, Australian Snax chat thanx to listener Craig! 

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Band dude and Author Daniel Ekeroth joins us allllll the way from Sweden this week to talk about his book Swedish Sensationsfilms on Bazillion Points press ( and some of the more notable entries in the Swedish exploitation genre including one of the most uncomfortable movies Mike has ever watched, BREAKING POINT, a 80s Swedish slasher BLOOD TRACKS, and a film made for the purpose to get teens to stop karate kicking phone booths STOCKHOLMSNATT then we eat ALL the Swedish Snax!! Outro song is "Storming the Mausoleum" by USURPRESS.

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e-mails filled with Real Talk, movie news, Draft Day talk and then we talk about Avengers Age A Voltron for 7 hours. 

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e-mails, HAHDCOWAH chat, snaxchat brought to us by listener Jamie May movie preview. 

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e-mails, movie news, we review THE BABADOOK and Snaxchat brought to us by Pitboss Pat and JR Rust who are possibly ex-members of Bane. Outro song "56th Floor" by MAMAIA_2084

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One great E-mail, Movie news, a roundtable discussion about original programming on streaming services and snaxchat brought to us by Dave V from Iron Pier Records and Sean Byron from Junk Food Dinner. 

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E-mails, The Producer claims his special Action Burger, movie news, we grant listener Luke his Make-A-Wish and review the movie Playback (2012) and SNAXCHAT

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Get ready for the all new Kissing Contest featuring a new mystery host along with your old favorites Mike and Doan! Emails, movie news, TWO rounds of SNAXCHAT, and The end of the Road to Wrestlemania! 

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We are live in the WAR ROOM as we tabulate the votes to decide America's Next Top Kissing Contest Host! Also e-mails, the final wrestlechat before WRESTLEMANIA, April Movie preview and Snaxchat brought to us by Joe Hawk. NOTE: THere were some technical difficulties in FizzNet studio so if there's any weird long pauses that we missed in the editing process, DEAL WITH IT (sunglasses float onto our faces)!

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The Producer wins the ultimate Contest. Movies News. Reviews of Wrestling isn't Wrestling and Russell Madness and of course, Snaxchat. 

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Movie News, Bad movies that we recommend and a light snaxchat

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TV Talk, an e-mail, there's a dog here, Wrestle Chat, Movie News, Action Burger News, Oscar winning films we actually love and Snaxchat

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All of your favorite Kissing Contest hosts in one room! Zachariah's trip to Wizard Convention. Doan wants us to hurry the hell up, March movie preview. Jack from Jack's World. Snaxchat sponsored by Duane Reade. 

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Mark is missing. Do we find him? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! E-mails, Mars talk, wrestlechat, our Oscar predictions and Snaxchat brought to us by listener John!

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THAT ONE MOVIE PODCAST stops by to keep Mike Company. We review a couple movies Junk Food Dinner were too AFRAID to review: Electric Dreams (1984) and Time After Time (1979). Also some other stuff including Snaxchat featuring the new Sweet N Salty Combos and MALORT LIQUEUR Chicago's best kept shame. 

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THE FIZZ NETWORK PRESENTS KISSING CONTEST! Wrestlechat, e-mails, a smattering of news, our best and worst TV Theme songs and Snaxchat brought to us by listener Mitch. 

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KISSING CONTEST BACK AGAIN FOR EPISODE TWO ONE SIX KICKIN HOMELESS PEOPLE IN THE FACE! Emails, Clevo talk, a new segment called BRINGIN IT BACK and snaxchat featuring mostly snax from Japan by way of midtown Manhattan. 

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WE BACK AT IT WITH 215 IN 2015! A bunch of emails, rap chat, our top 5 and bottom 3 movies of 2014 and SNAX CHAT featuring snax from Thailand by way of California. 

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