Kissing Contest

Karate Instructor Steve stops by and chats with us. Sawyers new embarassing life stories. Movie news. A special look at the upcoming film Bridesmaids and lady comedy in general. A mature discussion on beastiality. Movie Hostage featuring video game adaption D.O.A. and dog poo adaption Did You Hear About the Morgans. email us at Write an itunes review and recieved a free DVD/blu ray!

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25th anniversary episode of Kissing Contest, movie news and Robocop news. What IMDB message board posters have to say about this years Oscar movies. Movie hostage featuring a very serious and mature discussion about the Wild Wonderful Whites and Southland Tales. email us at leave us an itunes review and we'll send you a DVD!

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Mike, Sawyer and Producer Frank are all in the same room for the first timein over a month. Our feelings on Groundhog Day, movie news, the highest paid people in Hollywood, March movie previews and a special Remake vs Original edition of Movie Hostage with Charles Bronson's 1972 version of The Mechanic and Jason Statham's 2011 version of The Mechanic. email us at

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Sawyer is back and we have special guest! Scot, The King of The Internet joins us live in studio. A bit of movie news, Oscar predictions and our shameful TV and movie habits.




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