Kissing Contest

Audience Member Danial is upgraded to Guest Host Danial as we have a little gym class talk and the agusut movie preview. We also have somewhat of a snaxchat brought to us by Cory from Illogical Contraption as we begin to work our way through the bags of medicinal snax he sent us. 

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Scot King of the Internet is back! We bring back our new hit segment Gym Class Talk, also e-mails, Genre films we should love but we don't and snax from Israel brought ot us by Universal Yums, the company that sends you a box of snax from a different part of the world every month! Check them out at



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E-mails, Gym Class Talk, a lil bit of news, Comic-COn trailers and our favorite Summer themed movies! 

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We are broadcasting live from Fizz Network's 2nd Annual Summer Beach Blast in Times Square. E-mails, movie news, we review Terminator OT Genasis and our opinions may shock you but probably not if you've also seen it. Then we wrap it up B with part 2 of Doan's European Snax Adventure.  

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E-mails, July movie preview and part one of Doan's Snax Across Europe Tour! 

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