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This week we're joined by special guest and professional motion picture maker Rob Soucy and he tells us about his favorite childrens movies. We also have some movie news and a round of Movie Hostage featuring Outrage and Black Death. You can check Rob out at Outro song is "Do Whatever" by Giant Gorilla Dog Thing featuring Seezmics off their mixtape ERIC that can be downloaded for FREE on 4/3 at Make sure to get a copy of our REALITY TV MADNES brackets for episode 83 too!

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Movie news, Hollywood conspiracy theories with another appearance from Propganda Jefferson and we pick some movies for Movie Hostage. ALL THIS AND MORE. BOOM.

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TACO TALK, Mike and Doan go on a hetero man date, movie news, Where Are They Now? and the debut appearance of Propaganda Jefferson

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A whole lot of movie news, an Oscar recap and MOVIE HOSTAGE EXXXTREME featuring Left Behind II: Tribulation Force and End of the Line

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