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Since we are all on vacation, here is our very first episode! This has been unavailable for a few years now and not many poeple have heard it. The audio quality is also a lot less great. Original release date was September 4th 2009, literally hundreds of years ago.

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It's FREADO SEASON in Podcast Town as the person that built Kissing Contest from the ground up, Mark Freado Jr. joins us for the last episode of 2013. We have movie news and the January movie preview along with a lot of other silly surprises.

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A Jam Packed episode!! Movie News! a heatd fight over nazis! our favorite standup comedians! Snaxchat featuring Snax from Taiwan brought ot us by Listener Al! Snax so potent they linger into the next segment! Movie Hostage with CHristmas Bounty starring THE MIZ! One of the worst movies ever!

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Movie News, our Holiday Buyers Guide for you and your loved ones and some snaxchat, which is a new segment where we speak about snax.

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KC Celebrates the work of the other KC as it's our 3rd Annual Kevin Costner Thanksgiving Extravaganza! THis time we're talking about Mr. Brooks. Featuring Zach aka Hyphy Zach from Don Giovanni Records and Nuclea Santa Claust.

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SUPER PACKED SHOW. Movie News, Random chatting, DECEMBER MOVIE PREVIEW, Movie Hostage featuring LOL and Snaxchat sponsored by Banquets and Black Numbers. Outro song: Banquets - "Call it a Comeback"

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SO MUCH STUFF. An in depth review of FIST CHURCH, and in depth review of ACTION BURGER, Movie News, Sawyer's brother Connor stops by to tell us why Robert Zemeckis is a racist and a 3 way Movie Hostage sponsored by featuing Last Stand, Human Cargo and The Bad Pack.

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We have an Ask Me Anything type segment and answer all your questions. Plus Movie news and Snaxchat and Movie Hostage sponsored by oh and sawyer has some cool stories bro.

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Our SpoooOOOOooooOOOokkkkkkyyyyyy Halloween episode featuring creepy movie news a ghastly main segment covering local urban legends including a review of the movie Legend of the Melonheads (brought to us by Shockstar Studios and Laugh at the Law Prod.) and a terrifying round of snaxchat featuring snax from France!

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The November movie preview plus Movie News and a review of CrazySexyCool: The TLC story. Also more left turns than a NASCAR race, lol get it.

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