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Since we are all on vacation, here is our very first episode! This has been unavailable for a few years now and not many poeple have heard it. The audio quality is also a lot less great. Original release date was September 4th 2009, literally hundreds of years ago.

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It's FREADO SEASON in Podcast Town as the person that built Kissing Contest from the ground up, Mark Freado Jr. joins us for the last episode of 2013. We have movie news and the January movie preview along with a lot of other silly surprises.

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A Jam Packed episode!! Movie News! a heatd fight over nazis! our favorite standup comedians! Snaxchat featuring Snax from Taiwan brought ot us by Listener Al! Snax so potent they linger into the next segment! Movie Hostage with CHristmas Bounty starring THE MIZ! One of the worst movies ever!

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Movie News, our Holiday Buyers Guide for you and your loved ones and some snaxchat, which is a new segment where we speak about snax.

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KC Celebrates the work of the other KC as it's our 3rd Annual Kevin Costner Thanksgiving Extravaganza! THis time we're talking about Mr. Brooks. Featuring Zach aka Hyphy Zach from Don Giovanni Records and Nuclea Santa Claust.

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SUPER PACKED SHOW. Movie News, Random chatting, DECEMBER MOVIE PREVIEW, Movie Hostage featuring LOL and Snaxchat sponsored by Banquets and Black Numbers. Outro song: Banquets - "Call it a Comeback"

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SO MUCH STUFF. An in depth review of FIST CHURCH, and in depth review of ACTION BURGER, Movie News, Sawyer's brother Connor stops by to tell us why Robert Zemeckis is a racist and a 3 way Movie Hostage sponsored by featuing Last Stand, Human Cargo and The Bad Pack.

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We have an Ask Me Anything type segment and answer all your questions. Plus Movie news and Snaxchat and Movie Hostage sponsored by oh and sawyer has some cool stories bro.

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Our SpoooOOOOooooOOOokkkkkkyyyyyy Halloween episode featuring creepy movie news a ghastly main segment covering local urban legends including a review of the movie Legend of the Melonheads (brought to us by Shockstar Studios and Laugh at the Law Prod.) and a terrifying round of snaxchat featuring snax from France!

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The November movie preview plus Movie News and a review of CrazySexyCool: The TLC story. Also more left turns than a NASCAR race, lol get it.

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We talk Movie News, Doan's review of GRAVITY and Mike's very lenghty (honk honk) recap of NY Comic Con. daboo dee daboo da.

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Movie News, the game shows we fantasized being on when we were growing up and Movie Hostage featuring Howling III and The Vow

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A very packed episode with Movie News, a somewhat coherant and spoiler free chat about Breaking Bad and some other buzz shows, our trip to the Big E and Movie Hostage featuring Dredd and Karate Dog.

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The October Movie Preview plus our opinions on Buzzfeed, Zzzquil, Section 8, GTAV, Sandwiches, Nougat, Horse_ebooks, pouring illusions and much much more!

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We are joined by guest ZEB and we talk movie news, bar life, Bar Rescue, Zebs very mature 24 hour video playlist, Doans trip to Chicago and a new segment we are thinking about calling Snaxchat

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We're joined by Jonah Bayer from Going Off Track podcast and the band United Nations as we go over his 24 hour video playlist and spend the rest of the time sort of talking about music with a heavy emphasis on 90s Hardcore.

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Mark from Spectacle Theater joins us as we talk FIST CHURCH, Movie News, our favorite childhood martial arts movies and the new Pumpkin SPice and Candy Corn M&Ms

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Mike and Doan are joined by guests Audience Member Danial and Zach from Nuclear Santa Claust and Don Giovanni Records to talk about the movie date they went on to see Wolverine II: Wolveriner. Also movie news and a healthy dose of speaking of about snax and maybe a little John Joseph chat too.

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September moobie preview with just Mike and Doan because Sawyer went off to find himself again. We also have news, impromptu snaxchat, and some other stuff I can't remember right now. Alright!

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The airing of grievances episode along with movie news and movie hostage featuring LA Confidential and Skateopia

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Mike and Doan discuss their favorite rap songs from movie soundtracks. Movie News and we try out a new segment where we talk about food.

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The seemingly endless August movie preview and Movie Hostage 2000 featuring THe Warrior's Way and Beastmaster

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Movie News, a super mega review of 1978's DEER HUNTER and Movie Hostage 2000 featuring Conan (2011) and EVIL.

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Movie News, We make a Time Capsule for Teens as we pick our favorite movies from our birth years then Movie Hostage 2000 with Going Berserk and Beyond the Black Rainbow.

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Movie News, our favorite summer themed films and Movie Hostage with RSO: Registered Sex Offender and Young Adult. Also Mike comes out of the closet about his Hollywood past and Sawyer commits a hate crime and calls Doan a racial slur live on air. 

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Due to New York's current jungle climates and unexpected guests Producer Frank AKA Funkmaster Frank and Steve AKA Karate Steve, this show gets derailed awful quick but outside of that we did some movie news, a segment where we talked about what movie memorbilia we'd like to own and Movie Hostage featuring Splinter and The Man Who Would Be King.

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JULY MOVIE PREVIEW and Movie Hostage featuring Malibu High and Ex-Drummer

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BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! Movie News and we reviews a whole bunch of movies we saw over the past month.

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Kissing Contest Goes (Little) Hollywood!  While Mike and Mark puttered away in boring old Brooklyn, Doan and Sawyer were living it up in Little Hollywood, aka Cleveland, Ohio.  They are joined by past recurring guest Zachariah for an ALL CLEVELAND ALL THE TIME episode where we discuss our favorite artistic exports from LH as well as our favorite shows and movies set in LH.  Get at us: Leave us a review on iTunes, tell a friend! Or even tell MANY friends!

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Mike is once again joined by Mark from the Spectacle Theater and we talk about our favorite Youtube personalities.

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THe 100% real episode 138 of Kissing Contest! Mike and Mark from The Spectacle Theater review the brand new Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Stoy of the VHS Collector documentary and talk about the pros and cons of VHS collecting and collecting in general. Accept no Kissing Contest knockoffs. This is the real thing. Anything else will probbaly put porno viruses on your computer. You've been warned!

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THE WEEKLY WORLD OF WOW episode where we go over our favorite trashy tabloud television from years past.

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We go over some our favorite unsung TV series......sort of. Also Movie News and Movie Hostage with Massacre at Central High and Rock and Rule

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We are joined by Ex Member of Junk Food Dinner Mark Freado as we go over the May Movie preview and Movie Hostage featuring Trust (1990) and To Live and Die in LA. Outro music: Halos Shining by PJ Katz from Ear Food Vol. 1 on Pig Food Records.

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Movie News, Our favorite SNL "non superstar" cast members and Movie Hostage featuring Losin' It and Supervisens. Also Producer Doan has a concussion or something so bare with us.

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WE HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA. An Exteneded wrestlechat about Wrestlemania 29, ROH and Wrestlecon with special guests Number 2 and King of the Punx Josh Welf. We also have some movie news and Movie Hostage featuring Dr. Alien and Riki-Oh The Story of Ricky.

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Movie News, our most memorable TOO HOT FOR TV moments and Movie Hostage 2000 with Deadbeat at Dawn. Also, Does Sawyer think being gay is a handicap? DOwnload to find out! Outro Song: "Master of None" by THe Nothing

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We have some movie news and wrestle chat and an April movie preview and Movie Hostage 2000 featuring THe Loved Ones and King of Devils Island!

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Movie News / Wrestlechat, we resurrect the Where Are They Now segment which will further be known as Brrr, What Happened To Dat Boy? and the first ever installment of MIKE AND DOAN AT THE MOVIES featuring STOKER.

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Special Guest Mark Freado aka THE SPECTACLE THEATER DUMPER of Junk Food Dinner joins us as we go over Movie News, Wrestlechat, our biggest childhood movie dissapointments and snaxchat featuring the Taco Bell Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco

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Another SUPER FAT episode with Movie News, our all time favorite reality TV shows, a special snaxchat beer edition featuring Rock Art Brewert Vermont Maple Wheat Ale and the first Movie Hostage 2000 with Burning Paradise in Hell and Band of Outsiders. Also lots of abrupt coughing and the continuing saga of The Spectacle Theater Dumper!!

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A SUPER THICK episode of Kissing Contest with all of your favorites. Movie news. Wrestlechat. March movie preview. Snaxchat featuring Lays 3 new flavors from the Lays contest and Movie Hostage featuring The Long Goodbye and Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell. STRAP IT ON EVERYBODY

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Dogbite Doan evolves into Dogshow Doan, Movie News, WRESTLECHAT, our picks for this years Academy Awards, Movie Hostage featuring The Producers and Garbage Pail Kids THe Movie.

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This week we're joined by Hall of Famer DAVEY K who took a bus all the way from Chicago to be with us. We go over movie news and rip off Pool Party Radio and talk about the Good, Bad and Ugly of movie sequels!

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MOVIE NEWS and the characters we would like to see get their own spinoffs, also MOVIW HOSTAGE curated by ZACHARIAH featuring WITH HONORS and BUSTER

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Its the Mike and Doan show featuring Moviechat, Comicschat, Youtubevideochat, Snaxchat, Tacobellchal, Wrestlechat, Futureworldchat and MUCH MUCH MORE 2 sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

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We return to an old favorite main segment "Movies In Production Now Fun Times" where we cover some of the movies currently in production and size up how we think they'll turn out (spoiler alert: shittily).  We bookend it with a little movie news including Steven Seagal news and Traditonal Movie Hostage featuring Frailty and ATM.  Get in touch, tell a friend.

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Frequent and beloved former guest host Zachariah is and we go through out February movie preview.  We also have a Movie Hostage Exreme showdown between Sleepless In Seattle and The Cathechism Cataclysm. 

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We rip off our good friends JUNK FOOD DINNER and present three movie reviews for you. We go over Death Race 2000 from 1975, The Conversation from 1974 and The Good, The Bad, The Weird from 2008. If you'd like check out Junk Food Dinner, you can find them over at

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We are back in 2013! Movie News, our top 3 and bottom 3 movies for 2012 and a round of movie hostage with Dog Jack and Angel Dog! 

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