Kissing Contest

Mike and Doan are joined by guests Audience Member Danial and Zach from Nuclear Santa Claust and Don Giovanni Records to talk about the movie date they went on to see Wolverine II: Wolveriner. Also movie news and a healthy dose of speaking of about snax and maybe a little John Joseph chat too.

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September moobie preview with just Mike and Doan because Sawyer went off to find himself again. We also have news, impromptu snaxchat, and some other stuff I can't remember right now. Alright!

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The airing of grievances episode along with movie news and movie hostage featuring LA Confidential and Skateopia

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Mike and Doan discuss their favorite rap songs from movie soundtracks. Movie News and we try out a new segment where we talk about food.

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The seemingly endless August movie preview and Movie Hostage 2000 featuring THe Warrior's Way and Beastmaster

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